Games Room

About Us

The Games Room is the best place on campus to play, have fun, or just relax. The Games Room offers Sac State students, and the rest of the campus community, a wide range of games and activities to meet all interests. Whether you want to play the latest video games in the console room, shoot a game of pool with your friends, or hone your skills at table tennis, the University Union Games Room is the place for you.

Located: 1st Floor of the University Union
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Come rack 'em up with style. We offer 11 Brunswick Gold Crown Tables, Super Aramith Balls and house cues. We are the most affordable billiard place in town.

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Table Tennis

Test your skills on one of our two Olympic style Europa Butterfly table tennis tables. Bring friends and play doubles with our high quality table tennis products or bring your own equipment.

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The Console Room

Experience next-generation video games now at the University Union, such as the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Our console room is outfitted with 46" HD LCD screens which maximize the full power of our systems. Our game library is stocked with the most current releases, over 50 titles total. All consoles have online game play.

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Special Events

The University Union Games Room can be reserved for private student functions. Want to know if your campus club or organization can schedule a special event? Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we'll let you know about all the details.